Azienda specializzata nella produzione di poltrone relax, poltrone massaggio e poltrone alzapersona.

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About us

Relax & Lift Armchairs



We set up Spazio Relax because we wanted to create a company specialized in the production of relaxation armchairs, massage chairs and lift armchairs. Combining different experiences, gained in the upholstered furniture sector, we shared our knowledge to design products suitable for guaranteeing quality psycho-physical well-being.



Expert technicians, who continually update and innovate their skills, and skilled craftsmen, profound connoisseurs of materials and processing techniques, ensure that our products are made with the utmost care and are technologically advanced. Ours is a constantly evolving business reality, we know how to capitalize on knowledge and skills to offer our customers high quality relaxation chairs, massage chairs and lift chairs.


Our team is made up of personnel, specialized in the upholstered furniture sector, able to design and assemble armchairs, assisted by technicians who have specific skills in the design of sophisticated mechanisms that allow a production quality of the highest quality. The long experience and attention to modern design guarantees our chairs the uniqueness and versatility that make them furnishing elements capable of integrating into different domestic environments.


The mechanisms we have developed offer multiple functions and the possibility of being positioned in specific seating areas and allow us to assemble relaxation armchairs, massage armchairs and lift armchairs that have suitable options to meet the needs of each client. Mechanisms with one or two motors, alternately autonomous or independent foot and backrest movements, lift function, lifting device that allows you to easily assume the upright position, vibromassage for a pleasant effect distributed on the backrest and many others.


Choosing a Spazio Relax armchair is not only choosing a 100% Italian and guaranteed product but also a technical and functional system that integrates and expands thanks to a range of mechanical solutions, optional accessories, a wide choice of models and sizes with a wide range of fabrics and upholstery.

Per questi motivi possiamo affermare che Spazio relax è una azienda leader nel settore delle poltrone relax con seduta assistita, in grado di fornire prodotti di serie personalizzabili. Vere e proprie poltrone su misura disegnate e prodotte tenendo conto delle vostre necessità ed esigenze.