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The Relax Lift Armchairs represent the heart of our production. Spazio Relax offers a range of over 20 models, each designed to ensure the highest standards of comfort and quality. Choosing a Spazio Relax armchair is not only choosing a 100% Italian and guaranteed product but also a technical and functional system that integrates and expands thanks to a range of mechanical solutions, optional accessories, a wide choice of models and sizes with a wide range of fabrics and upholstery.


Spazio Relax presents three new armchairs with a new revolutionary 4-motor mechanism called YOGA FLEXX. In addition to ensuring the classic standard Lift and Relax functions, these new armchairs integrate the best of Spazio Relax technology: the Cardio Relax system and the new YOGA FLEXX which, through a lumbar massage lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, allows the spine to be lengthened between 1-2cm thus contributing to the restoration of natural upright posture and relief of the lumbar area.


The Spazio Relax Lift Relax Swivel Armchairs offer stable and entirely Made in Italy innovative mechanics designed to guarantee high standards of comfort and quality. The system has been designed to offer an innovative and modern relaxation armchair, which guarantees all the Spazio Relax comfort standards, the plate is in steel and guarantees stability as well as giving a modern and design style. The foreseen movements are: independent backrest, total relaxation, independent footrest and lift.


The healthcare armchairs are equipped with 4-motor systems to ensure independent movements of the backrest and footrest. In addition to the classic relaxation and lift positions, in fact, these armchairs can also assume very functional positions for orthopedic-health purposes, especially useful in cases where there are physical needs that force one to remain seated in the armchair. The sanitary chairs are equipped with special features which make them indispensable as health and orthopedic aids.


Traditional, sophisticated, with long or extendable seats, the Relax Shiatsu Massage Relax armchairs have cutting-edge mechanics and are ergonomically designed to guarantee you a relaxing and regenerating massage. It is a type of massage practiced to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, capable of generating inner tranquility and physical well-being. The massaging system consists of a mechanism composed of two arms equipped with massaging wheels mounted on rails which, by sliding, follow the conformation of the back, exerting a constant and homogeneous massage on the entire dorsal surface.


Spazio Relax sofas are versatile and available in different bed, fixed and relaxation versions. Thanks also to a range of mechanical solutions and optional accessories, the Spazio Relax sofas adapt elegantly to the most diverse furnishing solutions and are designed to guarantee the highest standards of comfort and quality.