Azienda specializzata nella produzione di poltrone relax, poltrone massaggio e poltrone alzapersona.

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Mechanisms that produce different types of movement are applied to our relaxation, massage and lift armchairs. These mechanisms require a mechanical resistance and a lifting and relaxing movement force higher than the commonly used standard which is about 120 kg. In addition to the classic relaxation and lift positions, it can also assume positions that are very functional for orthopedic-health purposes, especially useful in cases where you have physical needs that force you to remain seated on the chair.


Choosing a Spazio Relax armchair is not only choosing a 100% Italian and guaranteed product but also a technical and functional system that integrates and expands thanks to a range of mechanical solutions, optional accessories, a wide choice of models and sizes with a wide range of fabrics and upholstery. For these reasons Spazio relax is a leading company in the field of relaxation armchairs with assisted seating, able to supply customizable series products. Real bespoke armchairs designed and produced taking into account your needs and requirements.


The beauty of an armchair is also given by the style, design and materials we use for the upholstery. Spazio Relax chooses only fine and quality fabrics and leathers for the entire range of relaxation armchairs. The coverings range from leather to fabrics, up to eco-leather: a variety of solutions to satisfy even the needs of the most demanding customers.