Azienda specializzata nella produzione di poltrone relax, poltrone massaggio e poltrone alzapersona.

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Warnings and precautions for use

The subjects listed must consult their doctor before using one of the Spazio Relax products:

  • people undergoing medical treatment or with physical ailments;
  • subjects with anomalies or deformations of the bone structure;
  • subjects with internal and / or external infections;
    allergy sufferers;
  • people with particular porosity or weakness in the bones;
    subjects who are pregnant or during the menstrual cycle;
    people who need absolute rest;
  • people with heart problems and those with pacemakers;
    subjects in a feverish state.

People with mental and / or physical disabilities must always be accompanied and followed in the use of the relaxation, massage and lift chairs. In case of illness during use or pain due to it, immediately turn off the device and interrupt the session.